My 15 Best Men’s Workout Pants Amazon Picks for 2024

I can’t wait to show you my 15 best Men’s Workout Pants Amazon picks and i promise, you’ll love them too!

Top Men’s Workout Pants

1. G Gradual Sweatpants

Our best pick / 3K+ bought in past month
Men's Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets for Men


  • Nearly 5k positive Amazon reviews
  • stylish for various activities like the gym
  • Zipper pockets keep valuables secure
  • Comfortable fit and flexibility, perfect for dynamic movements


  • Material may not be thick enough for harsh winters
  • Might require hemming for shorter individuals
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04/10/2024 04:38 am GMT

If you’re hunting for athletic pants that blend style with functionality, these G Gradual Sweatpants are a prime pick.

From a jog around the block to grappling with weights at the gym, they’ve proven to be stellar companions. Sporting a sleek design with zipper pockets, these pants have securely housed my keys and phone with zero fuss during sprints.

The high waistline and quality fabric further add to the comfort, making them a suitable option for day-long wear or a quick dash to the store.

While not the warmest option in my wardrobe, I found them to be comfortably breathable during sweaty sessions.

2. Hanes X-temp Training Pants

Best budget option
Hanes mens Sport X-temp Performance Training With Pockets


  • Incredible adaptability to temperature changes
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps skin dry
  • Handy side pockets for essentials


  • Not as thick as other brands
  • Limited to one basic style (thats actually a pro at least for me!)
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04/10/2024 02:13 pm GMT

Pacing through the squats and lunges, the pants flexed and moved as if they were a part of me. They got this temperature regulation tech that’s no gimmick – I stayed cool and composed the entire session.

Post-workout, pockets are usually a mess, but not these. My keys, phone, all secure and not bouncing around due to the deep pockets. Super handy for heading out without a bag.

Still, they’re not the warmest for winter months, but that makes them perfect for spring and fall, layering when needed. Truely our best budget pick!

3. Pure Champ Joggers

3 for the price of 1!
Mens 3 Pack Fleece Active Athletic Workout Jogger Sweatpants with Zipper Pocket


  • The fleece material is incredibly soft and feels great against my skin.
  • Zipper pockets are super handy for securing my essentials while I'm on the move.
  • Their fit is modern and they look elegant enough to wear out, not just for workouts.


  • The waistband tends to be a bit snug, so sizing up might be worth considering.
  • They took a while to arrive, so if you're in a rush, this could be a downside.

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04/10/2024 09:40 pm GMT

When you slip into these joggers, the soft fleece material instantly stands out. It’s the kind of fabric that makes you feel like staying in them all day, whether you’re lounging at home or pounding the pavement on a morning run.

Functionality is a big win here; the zippered pockets mean I don’t worry about my phone or keys falling out mid-stride. This is a huge plus for me.

Style-wise, these sweatpants hit the mark. They’ve got a modern look which makes it easy to transition from a gym session to running errands around town without feeling out of place. Maybe you should consider sizing this one up.

4.UA Vital Woven Pants

Best Under Armour Pick
Under Armour Men's Woven Vital Workout Pants


  • The lightweight material keeps you cool and doesn't restrict movement.
  • They have a comfortable fit with an adjustable waistband.
  • Handy ankle zips make them a breeze to slip on and off.


  • Some might find the sizing runs a bit small.
  • The lightweight fabric may not be warm enough for colder climates.
  • They might feel too tapered for those who prefer a looser fit.

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04/11/2024 07:03 am GMT

I immediately appreciated the smooth, lightweight fabric. It’s extremely durable, handling the roughest training sessions with ease. With the wind-resistant materials, it was shielded from the chilly breeze during morning jogs, without feeling weighed down.

The breathability these pants offer is top-notch. Even during intense workouts, the mesh lining allowed for superb air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable. Plus, the pockets came in handy for stashing essentials, and they didn’t bulge or get in the way.

5. Adidas Warm-up Tracksuit Pants

Best adidas pick
adidas Men's Essentials Warm-up


  • Exceptionally comfortable for both active and casual wear
  • Durable fabric that withstands frequent washing
  • Subtle design, suitable for various settings


  • May run long for some, check the size chart carefully
  • Might be too snug for those with larger thighs
  • Non-breathable material could be uncomfortable for intense workouts
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04/11/2024 07:24 am GMT

If you’re looking for comfort and style in your workout wardrobe, these Adidas tracksuit pants are a solid pick.

The 100% polyester material is durable, meaning I won’t be worrying about them wearing out anytime soon. The subtle 3-stripes design is also a nice touch, giving them that classic Adidas look without being too flashy.

They’re just as good for a relaxed day at home, proving to be versatile across different daily activities. A note on the fit: they’re true to size in the waist but quite long, so if you’re on the shorter side, you might find them bunching at the ankles.

One aspect where the pants could see improvement is breathability. During an intense workout, they tend to trap heat, leaving me wishing for a more breathable fabric.

6. Real Essentials Mesh Sweatpants

3 pack inside!
3 Pack: Men's Mesh Athletic Active Gym Workout Open Bottom Sweatpants Pockets


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Convenient pockets come in handy
  • Variety of colors in a single pack


  • Length may be too long for some
  • Made in China, if preferring US-made goods
  • Pockets could be deeper for better utility
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04/11/2024 08:17 am GMT

The material is so light that I hardly noticed I was wearing anything, allowing me to focus solely on my workout. While lifting and moving around, the open bottom design ensured there was no restriction of movement.

Reflecting on the fit, they’re a solid choice for anyone wanting that relaxed feel without the bagginess. However, individuals of average height might find them slightly dragging even with shoes. Though perfect for me, this could be a minor annoyance for some.

7. G Gradual Sweatpants

G Gradual Men's Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets Athletic Pants


  • The material blend provides both durability and stretch.
  • Zipper pockets secure your essentials during a workout.
  • Suitable for a variety of activities from running to casual outings.


  • The fit may vary depending on body type, so check the size chart carefully.
  • May not suit extreme weather conditions.
  • A minor inconsistency in color accuracy has been noted.
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The polyester and spandex blend are supportive yet flexible during morning runs. The mid-rise fit is snug but not constricting, allowing to move freely. Even throughout intense workouts, items stay in the zipper pocket.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while they’re great for mild temperatures, on particularly chilly mornings or scorching afternoons, you might want to opt for something more climate-specific.

8. UA Sportstyle Joggers

The under armour classic pick
Under Armour Men's Sportstyle Tricot Joggers


  • Remarkable sweat-wicking technology keeps me dry
  • The internal phone pocket is a game changer for convenience
  • Robust yet soft fabric makes them durable and cozy


  • Shorter inseam could be an issue for taller folks
  • May need to size up for a perfect fit
  • Premium quality comes with a slightly higher price tag

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04/12/2024 06:50 am GMT

From the moment I slipped into these UA Sportstyle Joggers, the comfort level was unmistakable. The soft inner lining feels gentle against the skin yet tough enough to endure intense workouts.

What’s more, the sleek design transitions perfectly from gym to streetwear; I feel equally stylish grabbing a post-workout snack as I do lifting weights. Truly the under armour classic pick!

9. Hanes Comfy Cotton Joggers

Comfy and cheap
Hanes Originals Cotton Joggers, Jersey Sweatpants for Men


  • Ultra-soft jersey cotton feels like a gentle hug on the skin.
  • Adjustable waistband ensures a snug fit every time.
  • Convenient pocket placement for essentials on the go.


  • Material may be too light for colder weather.
  • Sizing can be tricky; may need to size down for a better fit.

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04/12/2024 07:30 am GMT

These Hanes joggers should definitely find a place in your cart for their unmatched comfort.

The fabric makes transitioning from a workout to lounging on the couch seamless, never once compromising on comfort. The lightweight nature is exemplary for those strenuous sessions at the gym where breathability is paramount.

The back pocket is an added bonus, rare in joggers but so appreciated for extra storage. Pairing them with a classic Hanes hoodie elevates my entire workout ensemble. However, as perfect as these feel for a brisk morning walk, I wouldn’t recommend them for a chilly night out—they’re just not built for that kind of cold.

10. Men’s Quick Dry Hiking Pants

Quick dry
Men's Lightweight Quick Dry Hiking Running Pants Outdoor Sports Breathable Zipper


  • Excellent breathability keeps me cool during intense workouts
  • Zippered pockets ensure my valuables stay secure no matter how active I get
  • Stretchy fabric offers superb range of motion for high mobility activities
  • Also good for hikes


  • Stitching in certain areas could be more durable
  • The design pattern on the rear may not appeal to everyone's taste
  • In cooler conditions, the lightweight fabric provides less insulation against chill surfaces
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04/12/2024 08:52 am GMT

Sprinting along the trails or conquering a climb, these pants are like a second skin, thanks to their impressive stretch and breathability. And when it’s about staying practical, those zippered pockets are absolute lifesavers.

Don’t just wear them for workouts; they are stylish enough for a quick trip to the store or a casual hangout. Their quick-dry material also means that you are not left in discomfort after an unexpected rain shower or a particularly sweaty session.

11. BUXKR Slim Joggers

Best slim fit pick
Men's Slim Joggers Workout Pants for Gym Running and Bodybuilding


  • Stylish slim-fit design that enhances my body's silhouette
  • The fabric blend offers both stretch and durability
  • Deep pockets safeguard my phone and keys during a run


  • Material is too thin for cold-weather workouts
  • Some may find the slim cut too snug on muscular legs

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04/12/2024 01:35 pm GMT

If you are looking for a pair of slim sweatpants to show of those legs, this joggers are the right pick!

12. Adidas Tiro 21 Track Pants

Cheapest adidas pick
adidas Men's Tiro 21 Track Pants


  • Perfect for both workouts and casual wear due to their versatile design
  • Lightweight fabric and side zips provide excellent temperature regulation
  • Equipped with a handy drawstring for a secure, customizable fit


  • Material may feel too thin for colder weather without layering
  • Might require caution when pairing with non-athletic outfits due to its sporty look
  • Can be too airy for some preferences, depending on the activity

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04/14/2024 07:26 am GMT

The tapered design looks modern, flattering your physique without restricting movements – essential for squats, lunges, or a brisk run.

I particularly appreciate the thoughtful design elements like the zippered ankles, allowing to change quickly or adjust for ventilation. Pairing it with running shoes is a no-brainer, but these track pants also look surprisingly good with casual sneakers.

13. Ultra Performance Fleece Sweatpants

3 performance sweatpants
Ultra Performance 3 Pack Mens Fleece Wide Leg Sweatpants with Pockets


  • Incredibly soft fleece material offers exceptional comfort
  • No tight ankles due to the open-bottom design—freedom of movement!
  • Pockets are deep enough to secure personal items during a workout


  • Sizing can be a bit off—beware, they may run small
  • The fit around the calves is snugger than expected
  • Despite the warmth they offer, the 100% polyester material might not breathe as well as some might like
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04/15/2024 02:05 am GMT

The affordability and comfort, the Ultra Performance fleece sweatpants give, make them a affordable and good choice. They keep legs cozy, they’re ace at supporting an active lifestyle and they’ve got a no-fuss, classic look. For anyone putting in the daily reps at the gym or just lounging on the weekend, these pants won’t disappoint.

14. G Gradual Sweatpants

Best white pick
G Gradual Men's Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets


  • The fit is spot-on and doesn't restrict movement.
  • Zipper pockets are a game-changer for holding essentials.
  • Fabric blend offers the right mix of stretch and durability.
  • Looking really good in a world full of black or grey sweatpants


  • Given they're polyester, breathability could be better.
  • They may not suit extremely cold weather workouts.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/15/2024 06:16 am GMT

Their design is evidently made with motion in mind. Plus, the zipper pockets mean no more phone slippage mid-run.

Washing these pants is a breeze too—no special treatment required thanks to the machine wash compatibility. They emerged from the laundry as good as new, holding both color and shape.

However, the fabric isn’t the warmest. Layering could be necessary for those chillier days.

15. Champion Everyday Pants

Top champion pick
Champion Men's Authentic Open Bottom Jersey Pant


  • Ultra-comfortable and lightweight, almost like wearing your favorite tee on your legs
  • The adjustable drawstring and a stretchy waistband provide a personally tailored fit
  • Handy side pockets hold essentials securely during a jog or gym session


  • The material might not be robust enough for intense physical activity

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I’d say grab a pair of these if you’re after comfort and a classic style for your workouts and lounging needs.

They’re really cozy, making them a solid choice for both morning jogs and relaxing post-workout. The open-bottom style gives off a relaxed vibe that blends well with a laid-back weekend wear.

Teamed with a hoodie, the pants create a classic combo that feels just right for a coffee run or a casual hangout. Yet these are more than just ‘look-good’ sweats—they’ve truly got the Champion comfort that lives up to the name.

Buying Guide for best men’s workout pants amazon

When I’m shopping for workout pants on Amazon, I always look at certain features to ensure I’m choosing the best pair for my workouts. I focus on the material, fit, and additional features that can enhance my exercise experience.


The fabric should be breathable and moisture-wicking to keep me comfortable during intense workouts. I look for materials like polyester, nylon, or spandex blends that offer flexibility and durability.

  • Breathable: Keeps me cool
  • Moisture-wicking: Draws sweat away from my skin
  • Stretch: Allows for a full range of motion


It’s essential that the workout pants fit well. I prefer a snug but not too tight fit that won’t restrict my movements or slide down during exercise.

  • Waistband: Should be secure and comfortable
  • Length: Appropriate for my height
  • Compression: Offers muscle support as needed


Additional features can make a big difference. Pockets are useful for holding personal items, while flat seams prevent chafing.

  • Pockets: For my essentials
  • Seams: Flat to avoid irritation
  • Reflective Elements: For visibility if I run at night
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